Hola: Free VPN proxy to access Censored sites

hola vpn proxy

Internet is fun, internet is way to interact with loving beings, internet is way to gather info. In best words: Internet is life, right? So, what if there is someone to put restrictions on this life of yours? Won’t it create a nuisance for you?

I’m sure many of you are using internet on which access to many social media sites has been blocked by its administrator. Do you wish to enjoy the freedom on internet? Hola Proxy can help you.


Hola VPN proxy is an amazing service that lets you access internet in anonymous manner. This service has got millions of users worldwide which is more than enough to speak about popularity and usefulness of hola proxy.

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The best thing I like about this service is that it actually let us browse the websites which are restricted by internet administrator. It does walk the talk, and this is something make this app shine among the best proxy services.hola vpn proxy

It does not matter which site you wish to visit, Hola will open it for you. And, you don’t need to deal with any downfall in speed whatsoever. Restricted websites can be accessed at normal website when hola is used.


Using hola proxy is quite simple. Just to tell you, it’s available as executable software for PC, and is also available as Chrome extension. You just need to get what you wish for to start using this service. Chrome extension is best way to opt for.

Just add Hola extension to your chrome browser. You will see a new icon on your Chrome bar. Clicking this will bring small sub-frame which contains field to let you enter the website you wish to access anonymously. Before accessing, you can select which country’s proxy you wish to use.

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Hola opens up the entered web address for you at the speed that your internet usually gives you. So, no compromise with speed at all. The opened website considers you as someone visiting it from the country set by you in Hola extension. So, you enjoy the website anonymously.

Final Words

Hola vpn proxy deserves a try. Don’t wait! Just go ahead and start using this service right away.