Review – Anonymous Web Proxy Service

filterbypass proxy

Life is incomplete without internet. We just can’t imagine our day without social media. I am highly addicted to social media, and world of internet. There are millions of people like me, and it’s highly likely that you are one among them.

So, tell me about your frustration level when you try to visit a website but you just fail to access because of blocking of site by your network administrator? It mostly happens in schools, colleges and offices. For this problem, FilterBypass is a good solution.

Features is an incredible online proxy service that lets you access the web anonymously. With it, you can access the websites that are blocked in your school, college, office etc. This service is nothing less than a boon for all internet addicts like me.

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There are many services that provide the service of same type, but, FilterBypass is better than them in many manners. The interface is simple, and the service makes sure that you access web anonymously without dealing with slow internet problem.

filterbypass proxy

You can set the settings if you wish the URL and web page to be encrypted. You can also set if you wish the cookies to be stored. Moreover, to improve page speed, you can set if you wish the pages to load with scripts and objects on them or not? Since the power lies in your hands anonymous internet experience is decided by you solely.

The website has direct access labels for popular websites like Facebook, YouTube, Daily motion, Twitter etc. Just one click on intended label and you land to that very site in no time.

How to use?

Using Filter Bypass is pretty easy. Just enter the URL of website that you wish to visit and press enter. The entered URL gets opened in no time. The aforementioned options are set to ‘checked‘ by default.

You can set them off if you wish to.Of course, if you wish to access Facebook. YouTube etc., you don’t need to enter URL as well, as the label to access that lies on the homepage itself.

FilterBypass is recommended for all those of you who can’t access certain sites due to restriction put by network administrator, and for those who wish to surf web anonymously. So, give this amazing service a try right away. It’s Free!